Date: Monday, July 24 @ 13:15:23 CDT
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Welcome, you may have found your way here looking to purchase or return the item advertised on TV as the "AUTOCOOL" automotive ventilation unit.  Unfortunately, we are not that company and we do not sell the unit.  We are an automotive a/c service and repair facility in Round Rock, Texas.  The advertiser just happened to name the unit the same name as our shop's website.  I became curious about the unit a few months ago after we began receiving hundreds of calls daily for orders.

We finally saw the commercial and my wife decided to order one out of curiosity.  Well, she called the phone number on the commercial to order one and had a very hard time with the automated ordering system, when all was said and done, she ordered one unit.  After about eight weeks we received two units, checked our credit card statements and discovered they had indeed charged us for two.  Not a problem, we have several cars and if the units worked so be it.


We hung the units in two of our vehicles to see if they worked as advertised.  That's where the real trouble began!
You are supplied with a length of thin rubber strip to seal your window around the "autocool" unit, which leaves a good half to quarter inch gap between the window and frame, just enough to allow a criminal access to your vehicle. On top of that, the unit just does not work, AT ALL. If you hold the solar powered unit up to the sun, it will spin the little fan just barely, if you install it on your car's window, it will not spin at all (and this is without window tinting either).

Using the same procedure the advertiser used in the commercial, we measured the temperature inside the car before and after the unit installation.

Ninety-four degrees outside temperature, one-hundred-two degrees car interior temperature before installation.
After a few hours we tested again: Still 94* ambient temp and 122* interior temp! That's an increase of 20*!!!

Needless to say, we attempted to contact the company for a refund as advertised. More trouble, we were unable to speak with a live human being, rather another automated prompting system. Still no luck as of yet, so I imagine we will just challange the charges on our credit card to get our money back.

With that all being said, we continue to get hundreds of calls daily from people looking to purchase the unit, but worse now are the hundreds more from angry customers wanting their money back as well.

In sum, the only usable item we received were the free cup holders which they charged extra shipping yet shipped in the same box as the "autocool" unit.

Save your money, unless you like being ripped off!!!

Thank you,

Robert More
A/C Authority

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